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Desmet is honored to be the technical sponsor for the 11th International Conference & Exhibition of “Fats & Oils Istanbul / Feeds & Grains Istanbul” FOI-FGI 2022 which will be held on 8 December 2022, Thursday at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, Turkey.

FOI – FGI 2022 displays insights on how the markets will evolve in under the new conditions of Russia-Ukraine war in the Black Sea, uncover the “Safe Grain Corridor” and many more on market and financial situation of the industry.

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FOI-FGI 2022 will give the delegates the opportunity to understand how the markets will evolve in under the new conditions of Russia-Ukraine war in the Black Sea.

  • Do the market players believe that the so-called “Safe Grain Corridor” will last until March 2023?
  • How the war in Ukraine will influence the World & Turkish markets for sunflower products & grain supplies? Can Romania & Bulgaria play a role at all, in hunger of Turkey for oils/oilseeds & wheat?
  • How long  can these extremely high commodity prices last?
  • Will the sanctions brought to Russia be long lasting?
  • How is Ukraine’s 2022 grain & sunflower crop affected? Will there be a shortage of sun products throughout year 2023, as well?
  • Will the poor, African & South East Asian nations, be able to afford higher wheat flour prices?
  • How long the spike in energy prices can last following sanctions brought to Russia?
  • What can be Turkey’s role in poor Europe olive oil production this season?
  • Can Turkey, after all, begin to grow its own oilseeds in this vast country? Will governments in Turkey have a realistic agricultural policy at last?
  • How does the war in the Black Sea influence Turkey’s national security & its economy?

All these matters & more will be addressed at FOI-FGI 2022, a full day conference which will be held face-to-face after a period of 3 years.

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