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The waste water leaving the solvent extraction process typically goes to the waste water sump, and then to a water treatment facility. In those oilseed processing plants with limited waste water treatment capacity, and/ or limited fresh water availability for creating boiler steam, a waste water steam generation system can be applied. The waste water steam generation system evaporates the vast majority of the waste water from the solvent extraction process into low pressure steam for re-use in meal desolventising, and the remaining small stream of hot water concentrate is sprayed onto the desolventised meal.

Minimum Effluent

  • 100% of process waste water can be recycled
  • 95-97% of process waste water is converted to direct steam used in the DT
  • 3-5% purge of process waste water is sprayed as hot water on meal in the DT

Minimum Fresh Water Demand

  • Condensate return to the boiler is maximized
  • 67% reduction in solvent extraction make-up water demand at the boiler

High Quality Steam

  • Steam Superheater insures wet steam is converted to a slightly superheated quality, ideal for DT operation Heat Recovery
  • Superheated steam condensate from Waste Water Evaporator is used to pre-heat the feed water to the Waste Water Steam Generation system
  • Remaining superheat in the steam condensate is used to heat the drying air entering the meal Dryer Cooler

High Uptime

  • Pre-heated feed water and 20:1 recirculation rate insure high water velocity in the Waste Water Evaporator to minimize tube fouling and downtime required for cleaning