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Desmet recognizes that our business activities have impact on the environment, climate change as well as social governance involving all the stakeholders (suppliers, employees, and clients). That’s why we’re committed to take responsibility and make a difference in these 2 areas.

Our Environmental Objectives:

  • Run the business with continuous improvements in reducing our carbon footprint and contribute to support the Paris Agreement.
  • Build a corporate culture where all stakeholders are aware of climate change and put an effort to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Actively develop R&D and innovation programs lowering carbon emissions and promote them to our clients.

Our Procurement Principles:

  • We expect from our suppliers the highest standards in terms of quality and delivery, but we value just as much how it is produced
  • We support our suppliers in handling the social, environmental, and ethical challenges throughout our supply chain and reduce the associated risks
  • We enable our suppliers to show good performance regarding compliance with all local regulations

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