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Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) commonly referred to as ‘renewable diesel’, is produced via catalytic hydroprocessing of oils and fats, consisting of paraffinic hydrocarbons. HVO is fully compatible with petroleum diesel and can also be upgraded for use as ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuel’ (SAF).

HVO can be produced from a wide variety of raw materials containing triglycerides and fatty acids. Vegetable oils, animal fats and a wide range of waste and by-products from oils and fats processing, like used cooking oils (UCO), fatty acid distillates, acid oils…


Desmet advantages in HVO pre-treatment

We supply a proven, highly reliable and efficient process that can accept almost any feedstock and will provide you an in-spec product suitable for HVO processing.

  • A Reliable Partner
    • 75+ years of experience in Oil & Fats processes and 20+ years in pre-treatment plants for biofuels
    • 125+ plants up and running for classical biodiesel (FAME) and 10+ HVO pre-treatment plants in operation or under construction
    • Proven technology for HVO pre-treatment in operation since 2012
    • Trusted partner of major HVO producing companies in USA, Europe and all over the world, serviced by our worldwide network of offices.
  • Flexible and Reliable Technology
    • Plants are designed to pre-treat a wide range of raw materials and blends
    • In-house R&D Competence Centre fully equipped for testing of new feedstocks and for process optimisation
    • Consistently clean feedstock to avoid downtime and to protect the precious HVO catalysts
    • Plants with high capacity range (up to 5000 tpd and more) and with high availability (>95%) to meet your market expectations

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