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The originality of Sparbleach™ is that the adsorption of coloring matters by the bleaching earth is enhanced by means of sparge steam resulting in a significant saving in bleaching earth.

The Sparbleach™ is a two stage vessel. Oil/earth mixure is introduced under vacuum into the top stage where it is heated and continuously agitated by injected sparge steam.

The dispersion of earth at optimum conditions of : vacuum temperature combined with steam agitation of the oil mass ensures ideal conditions to start the adsorption process.

The bottom holding compartment where the decoloration is completed is equipped with an arrangement of partitions ensuring uniform residence time and sparge steam distributors

Main Advantages

High, uniform product quality assurance.

Reduced bleaching earth consumption in comparison to bleachers using mechanical agitation.

No moving parts, i.e. no need to stock replacements for expensive mechanical seals or gearboxes.
Heating using steam heated coils means a significant reduction in maintenance.

Easy access for routine maintenance and savings in labour costs.

Oil recovery from filter cake by steam blowing

Sparbleach™ with prefiltration

Desmet has developped this new technology, which has now been adopted on a large scale by the industry.

This new process is based on the re-use of the spent bleaching earth, without removing it from the bleaching filters. Once the spent bleaching earth is re-used in the filter, it is discharged and evacuated.

The prefiltration requires an additional filter.

Main Advantages

- Substantial reduction of bleaching earth consumption

- Reduction of oil loss

- Reduction of utilities consumptions.