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The inclusion of the expanding process increases the production capacity between 20-30%, without altering the final fat values, reducing the electricity, steam and solvent consumption, obtaining crude oil of higher quality.


  • Increased body diameter per expanded processed ton.
  • Axial bearing stress supporting box independent from the reducer.
  • Coupling set with mechanical protection.
  • First quality main operation reducer.
  • Autonomous lubrication system for axial bearing and operation reducer.
  • Different alternatives for product conformation:
  • Drilled dies.
  • Mechanically commanded threaded cone.
  • Hydraulically commanded threaded cone.

Feeder / Automation

  • Feeding screw of variable speed.
  • Independent operation drive.
  • Automation system that keeps the constant load and steam supply to the equipment.
  • Feeding starter needless of permanent supervision.
  • Parameter regulation program of remote operation.
  • Feeding failures automatic detection.