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Foots Recovery Tank
Seperating Solids from Crude Press Oil

The screening tank pre-screens crude oil containing up to 10% solids (also known as foots) from the presses before final filtration or clarification in a decanter. The tank is sized to typically provide 30 to 60 minutes settling time and buffer storage.

The solids are separated from the oil by a dredging mechanism that picks up the solids from the bottom of the tank and drags them across a wedge wire screen. The oil returns to the tank, where it is extracted from the top of the reservoir for final clarification. The dredged solids are removed for further processing by an inbuilt discharge conveyor.

Flexible Layout & Installation
The positions of the inlet , oil outlet, overflow, geared motor unit and manway can be altered to suit the mill layout, within certain contraints.

High Reliability
The self cleaning wedge wire screen ensures efficient drainage of the oil and eliminates the need for regular cleaning of the screen.

Few moving parts and a simple, proven chain and scraper design ensure trouble free operation.

To allow for the larger quantities of solids, larger tanks have longer drainage times.

Maintenance Friendly
The tanks have been designed from the outset to give good access for maintenance. A man way is fitted in a suitable position, depending on the mill layout.

Fully Enclosed System
For operator safety, to preserve the quality of the oil and to prevent the emission of vapours the tanks are supplied fully covered.