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Continuous deodorising at its best


Developed for highly demanding processors seeking reliable, consistent and efficient product quality, Desmet’s
Qualistock® (patented) technology has become a reference in the field of edible oil refining, with over 1,000 deodorising plants
benefiting from its unique features.

Faithful to its continuous involvement in R&D and technical improvement, Desmet Oils & Fats is now offering an
evolution of the Qualistock® concept, with improved operating efficiency and better oil quality.

With the new Qualistock™ Plus, oil refiners benefit from an advanced solution that not only enhances the properties of the main
deodorised oil, but also offers a better valorization of the nutritional components coming out of the refining process (Tocopherols,


Qualistock™ Plus main features

  • Flexible design: adaptable to various operational conditions
  • Energy efficient: high heat recovery, low steam consumption
  • Easy erection: full single vessel concept
  • High process performance: excellent oil quality, less oil loss
  • Easy maintenance: better access to all internal unit operations
  • Proven design, proven features: the expertise of the world leader in edible oil refining