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The innovative design of the MiniMax screw press is a result of Rosedowns industry experience and knowledge, which has been gained over many years as one of the world leaders in the field of Oils and Fats. The MiniMax is capable of cold pressing most feed materials without pre-treatment (large or fibrous materials will require breaking before entering the MiniMax). Its size and tight tolerances allow it to rupture the structure of oil bearing materials very efficiently and therefore achieve maximum oil yield for minimum investment. Coupled with its capacity, the efficiency and performance achieved by the MiniMax is sufficient to form the basis of commercially viable plants which are centred around specialist applications - where maximum extraction of high value products is required. Although the MiniMax is conceived for working with materials having minimal preparation, it’s is also perfectly suited to processing fully prepared seeds in the manner found in larger commercial plants; a capability achieved only by the rigorous high standards to which the MiniMax is designed and manufactured.
For further information contact the De Smet Rosedowns Sales Department. Data sheet : Minimax (PDF)

Design Basis

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High Reliability

Reliability is paramount not only for larger presses, but smaller ones too. The MiniMax takes key design concepts from Rosedowns Sterling Series of presses, where mechanical drive components are deliberately separated from the working areas of the press to help maintain a clean and cool environment and preserve the life of bearings and the gearbox. The MiniMax also benefits from the use of high service factors in order to boast reliability and longevity, regardless of the process material.

Simple Installation

A simple frame with central oil/fat outlet allows the MiniMax to be installed in a variety of ways. The material inlet can also be varied by means of the length and position of the feeder. The motor is directly coupled to the gearbox, meaning accurate positioning and adjustment for driving belts is not necessary and therefore simplifies the installation process.

Flexible Operation

Thanks to a worm assembly comprising separate parts, individual segments can be easily removed and compression pieces changed to suit the specific conditions for each process material. This allows the MiniMax to handle several different process materials and achieve maximum performance without additional investment.

Maintenance Friendly

When maintenance is necessary it is essential to have good access to enable repairs and upgrades to be completed quickly and with ease. The MiniMax has been designed with this in mind from the outset and major wearing components can be easily removed. The press cages also lower to the horizontal position making the cage lining process quick and easy.

Key Features

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Feed Assembly

The feed assembly comprises a horizontal metering screw to ensure a reliable and consistent delivery of process material to the working area of the press. It includes a geared motor unit and is easily removed from the press for maintenance and cleaning. Worm assembly
the working area of the MiniMax is scaled down from Rosedowns highly successful 800 Series Sterling press. The working length of the machine means it is possible to fit four compression zones into the worm assembly. This leads to a high oil extraction efficiency without causing high pressures that lead to increased power and excessive wear. Gearbox & Thrust Assembly a parallel shaft, helical geared motor unit with high thermal and mechanical ratings provides a reliable drive solution, regardless of the process material. Coupled with a thrust bearing, the drive arrangement of the MiniMax gives superior reliability and ease of maintenance.

Cage Assembly

The single piece cast cages are split vertically on the centre line and are bolted together to contain the forces generated during pressing. They feature knife bars and shoe frame bars which are used to clamp the lining bars into place. The knife bars provide anti-rotation to ensure smooth flow of material through the drained area while gaps between the lining bars are set according to the process material to achieve maximum yield.


The MiniMax covers are manufactured in Stainless Steel and designed to allow safe operation of the press as well as inspection of working conditions. They are easily removable to expose the vital areas of the press when maintenance is necessary.

Technical Specifications


Length: 2,500 mm - Width: 850 mm - Height: 700 mm

Weight: Overall Press: 1,000 kg

Installed Power: Main Motor: 23 kW - Feeder: 0.5 kW